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Charlotte, Julie et Valentin De Sousa

12 Place Léon Bourgeois - 51190 Avize

Telephone : +33 (0) 3 26 57 53 29

E-mail : contact@champagnedesousa.com

Website : www.champagnedesousa.com

Social Media : Facebook / Instagram

Organic certification commitment date : 2007

First certified organic harvest : 2010

Portion of vineyard certified as organic (AB)/Total surface : 100% (10 ha)

Certified AB (organic) grape varieties : Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Meunier

Annual production of organic bottles : 110 000

Percentage of organic bottles sold by the brand : 100%

Presentation :

It all started three generations ago. The House of DE SOUSA is a family business, created in the early 50s by the parents of the current owner : Erick DE SOUSA. The family manage an estate of 10 hectares located in the village of Avize, in the heart of Côte des Blancs area of Champagne. Erick DE SOUSA now has 3 children following in his footsteps: Charlotte, Julie and Valentin. He has set up his business in Avize, at the heart of Côte de Blancs, one of the four great areas of the Champagne region in the south of Epernay. The vineyard is located on the greatest classified Grands Crus terroirs of Chardonnay (Avize, Oger, Cramant, Le Mesnil sur Oger) but also of Pinot Noir located in Aÿ and Ambonnay. The Côte des Blancs is famous for is chalky soil, which provides very characteristic finesse, elegance and minerality to the Champagne. One feature of the DE SOUSA domain is that old vines aged over 70 years have been preserved, there advantage is that they have much deeper roots (40 meters in the chalk) and then can get minerality. Launched several years ago in a process of organic farming, Erick DE SOUSA domain was certified in 2010, which assures that the rules were respected. The soil is ploughed to allow good ventilation and restore microbial life to earth, that’s why some is done using a horse. Vidoc and Capucine are the two news Julie’s work Horses. Respect for both the vine and the earth is the top priority for this family of winemakers whose only will is to reach sublime champagne.

Visits and tastings by appointment only from Monday to Friday 8 am-12pm / 2 pm-5pm. English and sign language.