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Jérôme Lefèvre

BP 24 - 02310 Charly-sur-Marne

Téléphone : +33 (0) 6 09 89 52 11

E-mail : hello@champagneelianedelalot.com

Site Web : www.champagneelianedelalot.com

Réseaux Sociaux : Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Organic certification commitment date : 2009

Year the first certified organic wines appeared on the market : 2016

Portion of vineyard certified as organic (AB)/Total surface : 100%

Certified AB (organic) grape varieties : Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Presentation :

A singular approach :

The Champagne Éliane Delalot vineyards are situated on the slopes of Charly‑sur-Marne and Saulchery, two villages in the Marne valley an area well known for the finesse and expressiveness of its meunier grapes.

Luxury for us is, first and foremost, time. We are absolutely convinced that rich, healthy soil is a necessary pre-requisite for making outstanding wines which is why we work organically and with a very broad approach. Under the guidance of Jérôme Lefèvre we work our 1.07 hectare vineyard almost entirely by hand. We use several unusual practices such as paillage – using straw as mulch – (we prepare all the straw ourselves), natural grass cover, plants and essential oils as well as animal power for hoeing. Our philosophy is based not only on the traditions of the terroir, but also on avid reading of Novalis, Thoreau, Bachelard and Fukuoka.

Luxury is also synonymous with rarity. Accordingly, we produce champagne in very limited quantities from an estate that is barely more than 1 hectare. We make only 1,000 bottles, each one numbered by hand, of our rosé de saignée, Les Illuminations, and of our blanc de noirs, Pléiades and scarcely more of our other cuvées. No more than 900 bottles of each of our vintage champagnes are ever made and each bottle is carefully handled and numbered manually.

Ours are champagnes that are vibrant and modern:

It’s natural that our philosophy extends to our wine making methods as well. We prefer long, slow fermentation although we also observe the lunar calendar at every stage of the wine making. Sugar is added in strictly controlled quantities and we make careful use of oak so as to emphasise the intrinsic qualities of each cuvée.

Our wines are natural and full of life. They epitomise the unique character of our terroir and are unashamedly contemporary.

We also want our champagnes to be real wines. They are “opulent” wines, full of intense fruitiness and subtle effervescence, created for enjoyment and as the ideal partner for fine dining. Naturally, you will find them in the finest restaurants.

For us the magic of wine is, without doubt, akin to poetry and so we invite you to experience our champagnes as objects of contemplation.