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Stéphane Hardy

8 rue Protain Gervais - 51150 Tours Sur Marne

Telephone : +33 (0) 6 85 20 57 39

E-mail : stephane-hardy@wanadoo.fr

Organic certification commitment date : August 2012

First certified organic harvest : 2015

Portion of vineyard certified as organic (AB)/Total surface : 100% (2,10 ha)

Certified AB (organic) grape varieties : Pinot Noir 70%, Chardonnay 19%, Pinot Meunier 6%,others 6%

Annual production of organic bottles : 13 000

Percentage of organic bottles sold by the brand : 90%

Presentation :

Stephane's family has traditionally focused on cereal farming and vine growing in Tours sur Marne and the surrounding area. It was not until the 1960s that his father decided to market his first bottles from the cooperative "AU BOUQUET" in Bouzy, a partnership that will last until 2013.

In 1992, Stéphane moved to the family farm of 100ha of land and 2.10ha of vines. After a cancer was diagnosed in his father in 1996, Stephane questioned the use of chemicals. In 1998, he set up the ENM (controlled natural grassing) in the vineyards and the no-till in the fields.

A few years later, reactions to phytosanitary products appear at home, he decided to rework the soil of the vineyard and no longer use herbicides.

In 2012, sure of its benefits, Stéphane embarks on the conversion to organic farming. The changes then take place in the vineyards! Insects, butterflies and other living creatures reappear; the work and atmosphere are more enjoyable.

All vineyards of Champagne Hardy are conducted without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and receive biodynamic preparations. A Champagne of choice which you will be able to taste all the singularity by discovering in particular the two cuvées elaborated with grapes coming from the organic farming of this eco-responsible House.

Visit by appointment.