The Association is run by a volunteer Executive Board, elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Directors are supported by a facilitator who administers the Association.

At the General Assembly of March 1st, 2019, was elected :

ACB - Board of Directors

12 company administrators :

Jérôme BLIN, Colette BONNET, Jérôme BOURGEOIS, Pascal DOQUET, Jean-Sébastien FLEURY, Olivier HORIOT, Cyril JEAUNAUX, Thibault LEGRAND, Dominique LELARGE, Emmanuel LEROY, Benoît MARGUET et Étienne SANDRIN.

4 trainee company administrators :

Hervé BRISSON, Alexandre CHAILLON, André Heucq et Raphaël PICONNET.

ACB - Committee of the Board

Président : Pascal DOQUET

Vice-président : Jérôme BOURGEOIS

Trésorier : Jean-Sébastien FLEURY

Secrétaire : Emmanuel LEROY

Jean-Pierre FLEURY is the Honorary President of the Association.

To join the Board or to contribute as a volunteer, please indicate your interest or questions by email to :

The Commissions

In order to fulfill the various missions that it has set itself, the ACB has set up Commissions in which the interested members work and prepare the decision-making of the Board of Directors :

Organisation Commission - Contact : Emmanuel LEROY

Technical Commission - Contact : Bénédicte LEROY et Olivier HORIOT

Exhibition Commission - Contact : Jérôme BLIN, Jérôme BOURGEOIS et Dominique LELARGE

Usurpation Commission - Contact : Colette BONNET

Communication Commission - Contact : Cyril JEAUNAUX

Every members can ask to participate at these Commissions.

In 2019, the ACB joined the FNAB / BIO GRAND EST network of producers; the ACB representative on the BIO EN GRAND EST board is Jérôme BOURGEOIS.