The Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Assembly of the Association. It meets every 2 months to discuss and define the orientations of the association. He decides on the lines of work and the actions to be implemented.

He is supported and supported on a daily basis by a salaried facilitator who implements his projects and helps to deepen them.

At the General Assembly of February 16th, 2024, was elected :

ACB - Board of Directors

15 company administrators :

Antonin AUBRY, Charles BENARD, Jérôme BOURGEOIS, Hervé BRISSON, Delphine BRULEZ, Alexandre CHAILLON, Antoine CHEVALIER, Pascal DOQUET, Sandie DURDON, Jean-Sébastien FLEURY, Olivier HORIOT, Philippe LANCELOT, Thibault LEGRAND, Marion LIEBART et Etienne SANDRIN.

3 trainee company administrators :

Thomas DE MARNE, Guillaume MARTEAUX et Flavien RUTAT.

During the Board of Directors meeting of February 16th, 2024, was elected :

ACB - Committee of the Board

President : Jérôme BOURGEOIS

Vice-president : Étienne SANDRIN (Aube) et Pascal DOQUET (Marne)

Treasurer : Jean-Sébastien FLEURY

Secretary : Delphine BRULEZ

Jean-Pierre FLEURY is the Honorary President of the Association.

To join the Board or to contribute as a volunteer, please indicate your interest or questions by email to :

The Commissions

In order to fulfill the various missions that it has set itself, the ACB has set up Commissions in which the interested members work and prepare the decision-making of the Board of Directors :

Animation & Training Commission

Contact "Animation Grand Public" : Marion LIEBART
Contacts "Animation entre Adhérents" : Jérôme BOURGEOIS and Alexandre CHAILLON
Contact "Animation Local de l'ACB" : Jean-Sébastien FLEURY
Contact "Formation" : Thibault LEGRAND

Technical Commission - Contact : Delphine BRULEZ and Olivier HORIOT

Contacts COOPER file : Antonin AUBRY, Hervé BRISSON and Pascal DOQUET

Exhibition Commission

Contacts Bulles Bio 2024 : Jérôme BOURGEOIS, Antoine CHEVALIER
Contacts Bulles Bio 2025 : Antonin AUBRY, Jérôme BOURGEOIS and Antoine CHEVALIER
Contacts Conférence Annuelle de l'Agence Bio : Jérôme BOURGEOIS, Jean-Sébastien FLEURY and Pascal DOQUET
Contact Lyon 2024 : Etienne SANDRIN

Label Protection Commission - Contacts : Sandie DURDON and Etienne SANDRIN

Communication Commission - Contacts : Charles BENARD and Marion LIEBART

Every members can ask to participate at these Commissions.

In 2019, the ACB joined the FNAB / BIO GRAND EST network of producers; the ACB representative on the BIO EN GRAND EST board is Jérôme BOURGEOIS.

Since 2016, the ACB has been a member of France Vin Bio, a national inter-professional association for organic wines. 2 representatives of the ACB sit on its board of directors: Jérôme BOURGEOIS, Pascal DOQUET, Jean-Sébastien FLEURY.

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