The Association des Champagnes Biologiques (ACB) brings together active members from all over the Champagne wine-making profession, engaged in an organic certified process and sympathizers who share the same convictions.

You are harvesting-handling, trader, seller by the kilo, cooperator?

By joining, you will have access to the network of information and exchanges developed by the association, including animations, its internal discussion forum and training programs set up with our partners. You will benefit from promotional tools such as a presence on the website of the association, access to tasting salons, Bulles Bio en Champagne and Les Champagnes Bio, in different cities of the world. Warning ! To participate in shows, champagnes must be certified organic.

The ACB is part of the FNAB / Bio producers network in the East. By adhering to the ACB, one adheres at the same time to Bio in Great East.

The 2024 contribution is calculated as follows:

ACB's Part :

  • This is obtained by adding €62.50 per hectare of organic and in-conversion land, plus €0.013 per organic bottle sold in year N-1, (€0.020 per bottle for structures without vineyards),
  • If the total is less than €150, a minimum contribution of €150 is required.

Réseau BGE/FNAB's Part : Fixed contribution of €150.

You are a sympathizer?

You will be invited to events organized by the association and will have access to the Salon Bulles Bio in Champagne. The amount of the contribution is 50€ minimum for winegrowers or citizens sympathizers. On the other hand, the amount of the contribution for sympathizers "Actors of the sector", cooperatives, service providers, downstream actors is a minimum of €100.

Joining ACB is to support the development of organic viticulture in Champagne, to contribute to its recognition and its influence.

For more information please contact us.