Organic viticulture is a method of production that respects, maintains and improves the soil, preserves the quality of the water and promotes biodiversity.

It protects the environment (ground water, fauna and flora).

By paying particular attention to micro-organic life in the soil, the winegrower encourages the proliferation of grape vines’roots, and in turn delivering wines that express all the personality of their terroir.

Organic certification

Being certified in organic viticulture means respecting European regulations on organic production. This prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs.

The certification assures the consumer that the rules have been followed.

The European (mandatory) and French AB logos, which are affixed to the label, are the marks of a trust contract between producers and consumers.

Controls are performed by an independent body, at least once a year and unexpectedly as many times as necessary.

Analyzes of leaves, grapes or wine can be performed to ensure the absence of pesticide residues.

Practices and natural methods

Organic viticulture respects the living and is characterized by a reduced use of natural elements such as sulfur, copper, clay, etc ...

This mode of production respects, maintains and improves the land, preserves the quality of the air and water, and promotes biodiversity. In addition, by paying particular attention to the life of soil micro-organisms, the organic winemaker promotes the expression of terroirs in wine.

To protect the vine from its pests, the organic winemaker can use several means: predators, natural mineral materials, friendly bacteria, medicinal plants.

Soil is the first concern in organic farming.

Efforts focus on plowing, green manures, grass and compost. These practices stimulate the life of the soil and allow to draw all the expression of the soil, to the delight of wine lovers.

Bio et biodynamics

The base is identical for these two modes of production. The biodynamic uses in addition to natural preparations and takes into account the cosmic influence. These logos attest that a product meets the specifications of Demeter or Biodyvin biodynamic agriculture.

For more informations : www.bio-dynamie.org