The Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Assembly of the Association. It meets every 2 months to discuss and define the orientations of the association. He decides on the lines of work and the actions to be implemented.

He is supported and supported on a daily basis by a salaried facilitator who implements his projects and helps to deepen them.

At the General Assembly of February 10th, 2023, was elected :

ACB - Board of Directors

14 company administrators :

Thomas BARBICHON, Jérôme BOURGEOIS, Hervé BRISSON, Delphine BRULEZ, Alexandre CHAILLON, Antoine CHEVALIER, Pascal DOQUET, Sandie DURDON, Jean-Sébastien FLEURY, Olivier HORIOT, Cyril JEAUNAUX, Thibault LEGRAND, Étienne SANDRIN et Jean-Louis VICTOR.

5 trainee company administrators :

Antonin AUBRY, Charles BENARD, Damien GOULARD, Philippe LANCELOT et Marion LIEBART.

During the Board of Directors meeting of December 2, 2022, Jérôme Bourgeois was elected as Chairman and Étienne SANDRIN as Vice-Chairman.

ACB - Committee of the Board

President : Jérôme BOURGEOIS

Vice-president : Étienne SANDRIN

Treasurer : Jean-Sébastien FLEURY

Secretary : Delphine BRULEZ

Jean-Pierre FLEURY is the Honorary President of the Association.

To join the Board or to contribute as a volunteer, please indicate your interest or questions by email to :

The Commissions

In order to fulfill the various missions that it has set itself, the ACB has set up Commissions in which the interested members work and prepare the decision-making of the Board of Directors :

Animation & Training Commission - Contact : Thibault LEGRAND

Technical Commission - Contact : Delphine BRULEZ et Olivier HORIOT

Exhibition Commission - Contact : Jérôme BOURGEOIS, Antoine CHEVALIER, Pascal DOQUET, Thibault LEGRAND et Jean-Louis VICTOR.

Label Protection Commission - Contact : Etienne SANDRIN

Communication Commission - Contact : Cyril JEAUNAUX

Commission Adhesion - Contact : Etienne SANDRIN

Every members can ask to participate at these Commissions.

In 2019, the ACB joined the FNAB / BIO GRAND EST network of producers; the ACB representative on the BIO EN GRAND EST board is Jérôme BOURGEOIS.

Since 2016, the ACB has been a member of France Vin Bio, a national inter-professional association for organic wines. 2 representatives of the ACB sit on its board of directors: Pascal DOQUET and Dominique LELARGE.

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