In 1998 a handful of pro-active wine producers, mavericks of the organic movement in Champagne, created the A.C.B. – Association des Champagnes Biologiques (Association of Organic Champagnes)

The association grows larger every year as new members join. In 2023 the A.C.B. represents 188 Winegrowers and Houses, and 16 proponents.

Offering the best of Champagne's terroir in all its diverse splendor while preserving the utmost respect for the environment - All of our members share this same conviction, whether they are part of that original group of pioneers or just beginning conversion to organic practices.

Motivated by a search for harmony that comes from Nature’s wealth of microbial life, they are devoted to cultivating the vines without the use of chemicals or synthetic products.

Commitment to organics can sometimes involve a risk of lower champagne production yields. The Champagne region is near the northern limit of viable wine production. Since their introduction in the 19th century, Champagne vines have been subject to violent attacks from mold, mildew and phylloxera.

This commitment requires constant attention in the vineyards and involves more expensive production costs, but the added benefits of these efforts are undeniable, producing champagnes with distinctive, lively personalities.

The relationship between A.C.B. and its members, united within the association, is founded on the respect and reinforcement of this commitment.